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Products:Peripheral equipments for Micro-fluidics

Chip holders Ordering # Specification
material Method of Fixation
ICH-01K aluminum Screw Lock Type
ICH-03 aluminum Buckle UP Type
ICH-03S Stainless Steel Buckle UP Type
ICH-04 Stainless Steel Screw Lock Type,
High-pressure use

Connectors for Chip holders Ordering # corresponding chip holder Specification 5-pack Ordering #
Description pore size material
ITJ-30 ICH-01K,03,03S Connector+ferrule 0.5mm

Stainless Steel

ITJ-32 ICH-01K,03,03S Connector+ferrule none Stainless Steel ITJ-321
ITJ-60 ICH-01K,03,03S connector + ferrule,
high-pressure use
0.5mm Stainless Steel ITJ-601
ITJ-40 ICH-04 connector + ferrule,
high-pressure use
1/16inch Stainless Steel ITJ-401

Expendables for Connectors Ordering # corresponding chip holder Specification 5-pack Ordering #
Description pore size material
ITJ-30F ITJ-30 Ferrule 0.5mm teflon ITJ-301F
ITJ-32F ITJ-32 Ferrule none teflon ITJ-321F
ITJ-41 ICH-04 Ferrule 1/16inch PEEK ITJ-411
ITJ-42 ICH-04 teflon sheet(5 sheets/1 set),
alignment pins (2 pcs./ set)

Syringes Ordering # Specification
ITL-003 50μL
ITL-004 100μL
ITL-005 250μL
ITL-006 500μL
ITL-007 1.0mL
ITL-008 2.5mL
ITL-009 5.0mL
ITL-010 10.0mL

Connectors for Syringes Ordering # Specificationvolume 5-pack Ordering #
ISC-01 for Luer-lock Syringes ISC-011
ISC-11 for Luer-lock Syringes, High-pressure use ISC-111
ISC-02 Ferrule for ISC-01 ISC-021

Capillary tube Ordering # Specification sales unit
ICT-05 0.15 0.05 silica 25m
ICT-32 0.45 0.32 silica 25m
ICT-121 0.2 0.1 PFA 10m
ICT-131 0.3 0.1 PFA 10m
ICT-241 0.4 0.2 PFA 10m
ICT-351 0.5 0.3 PFA 10m
ICT-461 0.6 0.4 PFA 10m
ICT-571 0.7 0.5 PFA 10m
ICT-07P 0.5 0.065 PEEK 10m
ICT-13P 0.5 0.125 PEEK 10m
ICT-55P 0.5 0.255 PEEK 10m

Experiment kits Ordering # Specification
  Micro-chemical chip (Standard type)
IMK-A for Mixing and reaction Choice among SY05, SY10 and SY15
IMK-B for Solvent extraction Choice among DY series
IMK-C for Immunoassay ICC-2CSK
IMK-D for Chemical synthesis ICC-KG01

Micro syringe pump Ordering # Specification
ISP-10 One-body Type. Syringe size: 10μL-147mL
Number of syringes: 2. Minimum flow rate: 0.001mL/h
ISP-20 Separate type - Drive Unit
Syringe size: 10μL~5mL Minimum flow rate 0.02μL/h
ISP-21 Separate type - Controller (for ISP-20)
Maximum number of Drive Unit: 4

Temperature controller Ordering # Specification
IOK-41 Temperature control:ITO glass PID control (Auto tuning)
Temperature range:Room temperature~300℃(Precision of measurement ±0.3℃)


Temperature control method: Peltiert elemet
Temperature range: -25℃~125℃(precision of measurement±0.2℃)

Monitoring tool for
lab-on-a-chip experiments
Ordering # Specification

Thermal lens microscope Ordering # Specification
ITLM-10 Standard type
Excitation laser wavelength: 532 nm (Available option: 406, 450, 488, 658 nm)
Probe laser wavelength: 670 nm (Can be changed with the choice of excitation laser)
Sensitivity: 10-7~10-8 Abs.
Power source: AC 100V×2
ITLM-20 Multi-purpose type

Lock-in-amplifier Ordering # Specification
ILA-01 for TLM

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