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Prof. Takehiko Kitamori

School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo Department of Applied Chemistry

Advanced information processing using integrated circuits (IC, LSI) has led the IT revolution. Integration of chemical processes using microchips is expected to make similar progress in science, technology, industry and daily life. However, a current circumstance does not allow a wide application of the integration technology, since the device such as chips and detectors have not yet been commercially available.

Integration technology and tools for the chemical processes were developed by Kitamori laboratory at the Tokyo University, and Kitamori Integrated Chemistry Project at Kanagawa Academy of Science Technology as a result of their research and development.

We have an intention to supply the integration technology and the tools for researchers as much as possible, and spread the ICL ( Integrated Chemistry Lab.) technology to the fields of environment, biochemistry, clinical diagnosis, pharmaceutical science, food science, agriculture and biology as their general-purpose tools for analysis. In addition, the technology will be a processing system for the ultra fast / parallel analysis of microquantity. By offering ICL technology, we hope to contribute to the social welfare.
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