Integrated Glass Chip•Institute of Microchemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Institute of Microchemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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Technical Support
System control and data processing software
In order to control the chemical and physical processes in ICL, such as chemical reaction and microfluidics, we are developing and offering the software, which enables total system control and data processing.
Technological Consulting
Our researchers with excellent carrers for microsystem development will assist your research and development by thier own experiences, and try to spread the integrated chemical systems and the related technologies to the world.
Contract research and development
We accept any kinds of your requests on ICL technologies as cooperative works.
> Research and development of microchemical systems for analytical purposes
> Research and development of a new measurement system enabling ultrasensitive detection in liquid microspace
> Evaluation of the microchemical systems towards practical use
> Examination of the microchemical systems for further improvement
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